High-tech training technologies

Over the course of time, golf has developed rapidly, not least thanks to the influence of modern training technologies. Innovative training tools and methods offer golfers the opportunity to analyze their game more precisely in order to refine their technique and thus continuously improve their performance. 

Whether through advanced swing analysis systems or virtual reality training programs, modern training technologies play a crucial role in today's golf. 


Train like the pros - TrackMan is the training and analysis device tour players trust! 

Our TrackMan golf simulators promise an experience that redefines what is possible indoors. The TrackMan 4's Optically Enhanced Radar Tracking (OERT) provides incredible precision by combining radar technology and video (two Doppler radars and a camera) to capture every detail - such as club and ball data, including hit location, as well as full ball flight data. In addition, along with all the information, the device displays the 3D trajectory of the shot in real time, from the short chip to the 400-meter drive, and determines the landing position with the highest accuracy.

More information: Official website

Zen Green & Swing Stages

Putting like on the golf course - With the Zen Green Stage you can recreate all putts on all greens in the world!

The Zen Green Stage offers the most advanced indoor greens with a true, grass-like playing surface with tour speeds and simulates true ondulations like no other indoor putting green. Whether uphill, downhill or double-break, true greens and all putts can be re-created to a +/- 0.1% slope in seconds. Designed to the highest standards for tour players, teaching professionals and golfers looking for the most realistic indoor experience.

The Zen Green Stage is the choice of the pros and takes the indoor golf experience at the PCC to the next level. Preparing for the next round has never been so real. 

More information: Official website

Southwest Greens

Imitation intentional - Southwest Greens synthetic turf offers the look, feel and performance of real grass.

If you want to be the best, you have to train with the best: Southwest Greens' years of experience make it the international leader in the development and integration of state-of-the-art synthetic turf for indoor and outdoor areas. The artificial turf systems use synthetic fibers and are methodically manufactured in the USA to mimic the actual look, feel and performance of real grass. Decisive advantage: on artificial indoor greens, the game of golf can be refined in any season or weather. 

Get the finishing touches on your golf game at the PCC on Southwest Greens' precision-manufactured artificial turf surfaces - anytime, in any weather!

More information: Offizielle Website


Not sure why things aren't going your way on the greens? With PuttView, the guesswork on the greens is over.

PuttView offers a 360° putting solution for all needs and is the perfect tool for beginners and professionals alike. The augmented reality system projects every aspect of a putt such as length, line and speed onto the green, turning it into an interactive learning platform. In addition, the ball tracking technology provides additional feedback in real time. In the mobile version PuttView X, all important information about the putt is displayed as an overlay directly on the green with the help of HoloLens augmented reality technology from Microsoft - at any time and on any green in the world.

A crucial aspect of the game of golf is putting. For amateurs, it accounts for almost 50 percent of the strokes.

More information: PuttView - Upgrade your Game


Force plates from Smart2Move help deepen the understanding of the golf swing and optimize the performance of male and female golfers.

The way golfers use the ground under their feet has a major impact on their game. Smart2Move and its team of experts specialize in biomechanics and the analysis of ground reaction forces. Thanks to modern technologies such as the 3D Dual Force Plates, developed in collaboration with Kistler - the world market leader in this field - the invisible ground forces during the golf swing can be precisely measured and analyzed. Which in turn contributes significantly to the understanding of the motion sequences during golf and immediately helps athletes to perform better.

Force creates motion: if you master the game with ground reaction forces, you will improve your golf game. At the PCC you can train how to use these forces for yourself.

More information: Smart2Move

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