The vision becomes reality

The opening of the Performance & Competence Center heralded a new era in Austrian golf. The Performance & Competence Center offers competitive athletes state-of-the-art, year-round training facilities and brings together the expertise of numerous Austrian golfing institutions in one place.

The development of a central location for the further development of golf has been underway for many years, and the vision of this center in Oberwaltersdorf was developed for the first time as part of the Austrian bid for the 2022 Ryder Cup. The realization of this vision should form the foundation for numerous participations of Austrian players in Solheim & Ryder Cups. 

The goal was to develop the most advanced indoor practice facility in Europe and to create a central hub for European golf. Through cooperation with national and international institutions, the Performance & Competence Center is to develop into an important hub for the education and training of players and teaching professionals.

The centralized provision of year-round training facilities and state-of-the-art analysis tools for competitive athletes offers unprecedented opportunities for training management and player development. Facilities from which players from all over Austria will benefit in order to develop the next stars of international golf. 

World sport golf

At the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, golf returned to the competition program after more than 100 years and has been an important part of the Olympic Games ever since - with great media attention. 

As a result, golf is becoming increasingly professionalized worldwide. Preparations for competitions in this year-round sport are becoming more systematic, technical and demanding. 

In line with the "Vision & Mission" of the Austrian Golf Association, the Performance & Competence Center aims to support top athletes on their way to the national and international top in the best possible way. 

State-of-the-art training facilities

Until now, it has been difficult to prepare for competitions throughout the year in line with international standards and to analyze training accordingly due to the climatic conditions in Austria. 

However, the provision of an optimal infrastructure for training and further education is a prerequisite for achieving and improving the international competitiveness of the national teams. 

This modern infrastructure also enables ideal preparation and support for careers in professional golf.

Competence in one place

Austrian golf needs a visible and functional center for a lively competitive sports culture and for the further professionalization of coaching options. 

The Performance & Competence Center (PCC) is the new hub in the Austrian and European golf network and brings together the know-how of national institutions such as the PGA of Austria and international golf organizations (CPG) in one place. 

Common goal: the further development and professionalization of competitive golf.

Synergy of theory & practice

Analysis & training, teaching & learning, theory & practice: the Performance & Competence Center offers optimal conditions for making the best possible use of the synergies between the individual areas. 

The declared objective is the targeted promotion of competitive athletes in the junior and high-performance areas as well as the development of popular and disabled sports. 

The creation of a training center for teaching professionals will also put grassroots sport on a solid footing. Trainers are given the opportunity for ongoing further development based on the highest international standards.

New standards

Internationally, the need for such high-tech facilities has already been recognized and specialized training opportunities have been created for golfers - in Europe, the Performance & Competence Center project plays a pioneering role at the highest level. 

In the future, the Performance & Competence Center will be logically expanded into the outdoor area in order to be able to offer athletes perfect outdoor training conditions.

Österreichischer Golf-Verband
PGA of Austria